Weekend Update


I slept with the windows open and fan on last night– in August!  In the swamp that is Washington, DC!  Thank you Irene for bringing down the average tempurature.  I feel like alien weather gods have abducted us and plopped us down somewhere north of the Mason-Dixon line.  And I am way into it.

I was wide awake at 5AM this morning for no good reason.  I even worked out yesterday which in my universe usually = sleep like a baby.  I finally got up and went to the gym around 6 and worked out vigorously, which has left me an exhausted mess at the office.  After chugging 3 cups of coffee, I can finally string a sentence together.  Barely.


We obviously survived Hurricane Irene.  Everyone told us to buy water and batteries and fill our bathtubs up with water– the boys and I bought beer and Triscuits and called it a day.  I made a quiche so we’d have breakfast if the power went out– but that was mostly because Roommate B had a craving.  I think the majority of the hurricane related damage was actually sustained inside of my household, as me and 5 boys decided to bide the time with multiple games of beer pong.  Ok, they played beer pong and I took many many naps.

My series of events Saturday as follows:  wake up, watch Mad Men, nap, eat mac & cheese, nap, watch Mad Men, drink bloody mary, watch Mad Men, nap on living room floor, eat more mac & cheese (Trader Joe’s brand for round 1, Velveeta round2) drink beer on front porch, drink another beer, watch boys play beer pong, nap.  That was it.  For about 24 hours.


I’ve decided that September is going to be the Month of Exercise and Vegetables.  I got on the scale this morning and was momentarily shocked– until I decided that was just probably all the new muscles I just acquired from the 10 minutes of weight lifting.  At least that is what I’m telling myself.   So in September, I’m going to make valiant attempts to quite living off of Toki Underground and cheese balls from the Pug.  And salami.  I will stop eating macaroni and cheese twice in one day.  I am going to use my gym membership!  And eat a vegetable once in a while!  And am going to be so freakin’ bored!




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