It’s the freakin’ weekend!


Bree and I went to a class at the gym the other night called H.I.T. Method.  I had been once before about a year ago and distinctly remember wanting to die the entire time, but the memory was vague enough that I decided to give it another go.  When the instructor walked into the room, the pain and misery came flooding back to me and all I wanted to do was run like hell out of the gym.  I don’t know if you’ve ever spent 45 minutes with a tiny girl straight up trying to kill you, but it isn’t pleasant.

The High Intensity Training class makes you contort your body into strange positions and then do tiny micro-movements for about 20 hours.  Halfway through almost all of the exercises, Bree and I would collapse in a puddle of pain and misery on our mats.  The instructor would then come over to “adjust” our positions and it took all of my self-control to not scream– Can’t you see that I quit trying 5 minutes ago?!  This hurts!  Leave me be woman!  She looked at us with disappointment the entire time– like you poor out of shape silly girls.  We will not be going back.


I’ll be flying to Hot-Lanta this evening to spend a lovely weekend with my cousins.  I’m very excited despite being in row 39 on the airplane, which just sounds like one gigantic claustrophobic meltdown.  I’m totally cool on airplanes but when I know the doors are open and I can see people moving at a snail like pace, it is all I can do to not stand on my seat and yell at every to hurry the fuck up.

Josephina and I are going to drive to Savannah on Saturday morning to sit on the beach and look at some graves and drink some martinis.  After reading the first 100 pages of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil as preparation for my trip, I am sincerely hoping to drink the martinis in a cemetery, but I’m not sure if that is possible in real life.  Either way, it’s going to be rad.


I have a 7AM flight back to DC on Tuesday morning, so I am going to be really pissed off at the world by the time I show up at the office.  I’m going to have to shovel carbs and many many lattes into my mouth, as it is the new staff assistant’s first day and I have to play nice.  The end of August has not been kind to our work ethic or professionalism, so we are seriously going to have to pull it together when Staff Assistant 2.0– the new and improved version– shows up.

We decided a couple weeks ago that it is far more important to discuss cute boys and cute clothes and what we’re having for lunch and the miserably slow speed that the clock moves at 3:30PM on a Friday than work real hard.  Also being that I showed up in jeans and Toms today (all against the rules), I’m finally going to have to go to the dry cleaner and return to wearing 100% big girl clothes.  Which is not awesome.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Back here bright and early and super crabby Tuesday morning.  I leave you all with this–


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