Wicked smarts!


One of the frat boy friends and I were G chatting yesterday afternoon– I was typing frantically to stay awake and kept accidentally bringing up prostitution and oral sex.  We did settle on an appropriate conversation about job hunting and his general intelligence mid-day.  Proof he is wicked smart:

Danny:  I use words like precipitously in casual, drunken conversation.

I had to google it, so obviously Danny is a show off.


I am a crap test taker and scored amazingly low on my SAT Verbal– partially because I didn’t care and partially because I didn’t study for more than 10 minutes despite what I swore to my mother.  I was of the if-it’s-meant-to-be-it-will-be approach to applying to college– a theory which encompassed standardized testing, my GPA, all required essays and not trying very hard.  My mother couldn’t figure out how someone who read as much as I did could know so very few words and their definitions, as suggested by the SATs, but being that I fell asleep during the PSATs (I didn’t know it was an important thing!) I was not surprised whatsoever.  God bless dictionaries.


Borrowing when subtracting– I just didn’t get it.  If the problem was higher than the amount of fingers I had attached to my person, I simply switched them.  31 – 9 in my mind was changed from 39 – 1 because everyone that nine was a bigger number and you could not take 9 away from 1.  I distinctly remember thinking how silly the grown-up authors were because they told me I couldn’t use a calculator and  I obviously don’t have enough fingers to count from 9 to 31 and you can’t take away 9 from 1, so they must have screwed it up.  Right?  And then I had to redo the entire chapter.



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