I stopped at Lima last night for a drink after work and to hang with my favorite bartender, Alvino.   Lima is 100% not my scene past happy hour, but tolerable until the college kids and DJ show up.  Alvino and I struck up a friendship after I rolled into the bar one day after work last year.  He asked me what I wanted to drink and I responded, “OMG!  Wine!  And let me tell you why everything sucks!”  I’ve been forcing him to talk to me about my feelings ever since.

As you can gather, the club is not really my scene.  I don’t think I’ve intentionally set in one with the sole goal of getting down and shaking my booty since I was 18.  And that was when I was drinking underage and somehow in the VIP section (sorry, Mom).  There is something about being in a loud, packed room of sweaty people grinding on each other that does not appeal to me.  Give me a dark and dirty dive bar any day of the week.

Alvino has tried on many occasions to get me out to the clubs with him despite my instance that they make me want to die– I have often agreed after a couple drinks but due to one reason or another, those plans have always been canceled.  I keep reminding him that I am not cool enough for the bars he frequents and he keeps telling me I’m coming out anyway.

He made me swear on our friendship last night that next Friday I would be dressed in my best club outfit (read: not my boyfriend jeans) and ready to hit the town.  Apparently the club doesn’t get hopping until 10PM at the earliest, so I’m going to need to nap like a mother fucker after work.  Standby.  This could be bad.


Alvino texted me after I’d left the bar:  “You have nice legs, by the way.  Never noticed them until you were walking out.”

I responded:  “Thanks,  I bike a lot.”

I bet you wish you had as much as game as I do.  Each and every day.


Roommate B and I during a fit of inspiration last night decided that we were going to get up and go running at 6:30AM this morning.  We ran from our house, around Lincoln Park and back without either of us keeling over and dying.  That is about 1.4 miles, but being that it was o’dark thirty and raining and Friday and we were both drinking last night, we’re going to round that up to a solid 10.

Have a good weekend, y’all!  Back at it Monday morning.



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2 responses to “TGIF

  1. Sounds like Alvino wants more than a tip. Or… insert tip-joke here.

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