Weekend Update

I bet you wish your weekend was as super awesome as my weekend!  My activities in no particular order:

1.  81 loads of laundry
2.  Cleaned frat house
3.  Watched 5 episodes of Mad Men
4.  Grocery shopped like a mother fucker
5.  Made delicious delicious meatloaf
6.  Considered adopting cat for 24 hours to chase down mice
7.  Drank bottle of wine
8.  Biked some places
9.  Saw The Help  (The book was better, as expected.)
10.  Responded to some work e-mails

Actually– it was quite nice.  I am incredibly well rested and have enough meatloaf to last me for years.  The Jets also won, which means that my home is happy.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll have exciting things to tell you.


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