3 quick things


I’m fairly certain that biking to work this morning was as close to perfection you can get on a Tuesday.  As much as living in Washington, DC can suck sometimes– cruising down Capitol Hill in the September sunshine made me all warm and fuzzy and happy to be alive.


I’m learning that the only thing you really need to know in order to be a successful executive assistant is never to assume anything.  Like ever.  And that is were I’ll stop so I don’t get my ass fired.


Against ALL OF THE JUDGEMENT THAT I HAVE I re-activated my Ok Cupid account last night.  I think a small part of me died realizing that I was once again setting myself up for complete and utter failure in the form of awkward happy hours with complete strangers.  Although, I must admit part of me is super stoked I get to straight creep on people once again.

I’m fairly certain I need to start a vetting system amongst my friends and readers, as from what we’ve learned (see HERE), I’m really bad at deciphering the whack jobs from the slightly normally people.  I get all– aw, he can use proper punctuation and spelling! That’s adorable!  I bet he isn’t lying about his height!

I’ll auction off my single male friends to the highest bidder, ladies, if you give me your single male friends.  I think that is a fare trade, as my male friends are super awesome and everyone knows that sharing is caring (unless it’s an STD).  Standby for disaster.


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