Ten on Thursday

(Because it’s going to be a thing now.)

1.  I am wearing a new dress and look quite fabulous.  I mean– I’d date me.  The one thing about it is the sleeves are like WAY too long.  Like you’d have to be a giant for these sleeves to fit your wingspan correctly.

2.  Speaking of long wingspans.  I met a girl that was 6’6″ the other day.  I was like– damn girl, how tall are you?  And then profusely apologized for being so rude.

3.  I just realized that Former Roommate C and Fiance’s wedding is the weekend before one of our huge gigantic board meetings.  I am going to need to find a dress that matches my blackberry, as I’ll most likely be responding to e-mails between dance numbers.

4.  They are getting married at a bourbon distillery in Lexington, Kentucky.  I can’t think of a better reason to bust out my party cowboy boots.

5.  Ok Cupid e-mails sent:  2.  Responses:  0.  This is going well.

6.  According to my morning Facebook stalking, it is sweater and boot weather in Minnesota.  I can’t wait for sweater and boot weather.  I am so over mid-70’s, low 80’s.  Bring on the fall.

7.  I lovingly stroked my snowboard last night and wished for snow.  I was at the U.S. Snowboard Open in Vermont 2 years ago right after the Olympics.  Shaun White was “sick” so he didn’t compete, but I did see his flaming head of red hair in the participants tent.  I had assumed that we’d meet, bond over ginger jokes and hair care products and then be best friends forever.  Strange how that didn’t happen.  He might be a bit of a dick, but still pretty impressive.

8.  I keep knocking over everything.  I spilled water on my desk TWICE yesterday.  Like 2 whole times.  And that low number was only because I had so many near-misses over the course of my day.  At least now my desk is clean.

9. Most mornings Josephine e-mails me to point out some glaring error in my blog post from the day before.  Breaks and brakes, for example.  I know the difference between the two words in theory, but not in execution as it turns out.  Bless her and the universe that gave me really smart cousins.

10.  Jo would also like you all to know the following about beets:

Did you know that beets are really really hard to cut?  And you have to boil them first?  And they will stain your hands?  I’m obsessed with beets.  Beets are really in right now.


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2 responses to “Ten on Thursday

  1. Longshot, but: your friends getting married at the distillery – wouldn’t be Josh and Erin, would it? It’s a small world, so I like flinging out possible coincidences.

  2. No- not Josh and Erin. Although I totally agree it is a small world– my mom ran into our dentist once at a bookstore in Ireland (they both live in Minnesota).

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