Somehow these gray chinos from Banana Republic have unofficially become my Friday pants.  I wore them all summer with tank tops and sandals to the office and then transitioned them nicely into a boot and sweater outfit this morning.  If my younger self could see me now, she’d be all like– What the fuck are you wearing?  Have you no pride in your appearance?  And we know those cream colored pants in your closet are khakis!


Some dude who is my “quiver match” has the following for his self-summary:

When I was younger, I used to stand in the ocean and throw rocks to anger the waves. I would brace myself against the big ones with all my strength, hoping to be swept off my feet. Only if you can’t hang on any more can you truly let go. Rising up so I might fall again, breathless, defiant: that’s how I try to live.

I’m sure that does it for some women, but tame it down, dude.  Reading that ranked just below someone trying to read me poetry.  And that would make me drop dead.


Hallelujah baby jesus this week is over.  Celebrating Friday morning with lattes and my favorite Nelly Pandora station.  Have a good weekend y’all.  If you need me– I’ll be at the H Street Festival staying as far away as humanly possible from Little Miss Whiskey’s Awesome Sauce, as to not repeat last year, as well as eating street vendor food like it’s my damn job.

P.S.  This song just totally came on.  Deep.


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