Weekend Update: H Street Fest

I had a most excellent time at the H Street Festival this weekend and I hope you did too.   If you did not attend the festival or live in the the greater DC areaa, I highly suggest you make the journey next year for Tacos Impala and lots of drunk hipster kids.


My pre-H Street Fest activities Saturday morning included the birthday celebration of 1 year old Carson.  I drove all the way to Reston, Virginia and paid 4 whole dollars in tolls to hand over my gift, steal a cupcake and pat the kiddo on the head.  Carson was sick of all the poking and cooing about 16 seconds into the party, so I had to bribe him with 2 crackers to let me hold him for a minute.  I’m so not above bribing children for their affections.

Let’s be real here– the best part of the birthday party invitation was an excuse to sit in Barnes and Nobles for 30 minutes Friday evening reading kids books.  Nothing like a couple minutes with Frog and Toad to end a damn long week.  I did have to lodge a formal complaint with management– as they didn’t have Ride A Purple Pelican in stock, which is just an insult to childhoods everywhere.


I’m fairly certain the entire neighborhood started day drinking on Saturday.  Or at least I hope that was the following gentleman’s excuse for this–

Strange hipster boy:  You’re beautiful.  How’d you become so attractive?
Me:  I was made this way.
SHB:  What do they feed you to make you that way?
Me:  Mostly salami.

GAME!  I’ve got so much of it.  Whatever– he was not cute.


1 of the 2 whole people I’ve e-mailed was at the same bar as me Saturday night.  First and foremost– he was not that good looking and had what looked like small caterpillars as eyebrows.  Yet he did not respond to my witty and well thought out message.  Which is obviously bullshit.

But secondly and really the highlight of the experience (besides praying he didn’t look at me and be like– hey, that strange girl hit on me via the internets and I rejected her) was when he accidently punched me in my boob as I walked by.  So that happened.

Work has been BANANAS.  More tomorrow.


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