I accompanied Roommate B to the grocery last night in a very last ditch attempt to avoid the gym.  I spent the majority of our time at Safeway following him up and down the aisles judging his food choices.  I’m sure he wished I stayed home.  After I called red peppers icky and his corn gross– he deemed me a picky child.  I’m really not that picky.  I just don’t like a whole lot of vegetables.

“What about brussels sprouts?” he asked, trying to figure out a compromise for our dinner, being that I’d already shot down his first 3 suggestions.

“Brussel spouts are delicious when you cook them in bacon,” I responded.

He stared at me blankly for a minute before responding, “HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO MAKE EVERYTHING UNHEALTHY, WOMAN?!”

It’s really quite easy.  Roommate B cooked us chicken sausage and double onions for dinner– the double onions being sauteed onions and the onions mixed in with our bag of frozen potatoes.  And then we drank an entire bottle of wine.  We went running this morning though, so it was 100% OK.

Yes, mocking my roommate for eating corn was the highlight of my Tuesday.  Which is sad.  I can’t figure out if I should get a life or a boyfriend or a hobby.  Maybe I’ll start knitting, since the boyfriend thing might be kind of hard.

And back to yesterday’s post–

Note to self:  A slip doesn’t make you all lady-like when it starts to ride up while walking through Metro Center and you think it’s a good idea to try and hike it down while standing on a street corner.


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