The Ta

Friday I came fairly close to losing my shit at the office, which is why I failed to mention that I’d be departing for Wichita, Kansas on Sunday and most likely be absent from the internets for a couple of days.

Josephina was concerned after one entire day without a single g chat conversation and texted me in panic.  When I responded that I was stuck in the Wichita Hyatt playing Angry Birds and staring at the clock, she responded– I disprove.  You should only be in Kansas if you are buying cattle. 

I’m inclined to agree, although I can’t say I had the worst time in Kansas.  I flew in a day early to meet my friend Spano from college.  She currently lives about 2 hours away from Wichita in Lawrence and was kind enough to make the trek to The Ta or Whichittie as it is fondly called to spend the day with me.

We went straight from the airport to the first bar we could find open on a Sunday and spent a marvelous afternoon drinking bloody marys in the sunshine, catching up and most importantly– making BFF4EVA Louisa jealous.

The three of us were a bit of a tripod in college and spent countless (and I truly mean countless) hours on bar patios and back porches drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and congratulating one another on being so awesome.  Being that our activities that day in Wichita were about the same, we decided to text Louisa as often as we could.

It started out pretty standard–  I took a picture of Spano and she took a picture of me.  We took pictures of the bloody marys and then the mimosas.  A picture of a gigantic stuffed reindeer.

Louisa responded to demand we quit having fun without her, which only encouraged us.  We let her know we bought her a gift.

And that we were going to stop having fun right after we drank this wine out of a styrofoam cup in our hotel room.  At our hotel that had indoor mini golf.

And then eat a delicious dinner– at one point in our young lives, our favorite.

Then do some light reading.

It was at this point that I may or may not have sent her a picture of my cleavage, but I surely will not post that on the internet.  The majority of Louisa’s responses were along the lines of “suck it!” and “stop it!” and “please come help me pack”, which Spano and I felt deemed our mission a great success.

More about Wichita tomorrow.  I’ve got fucking work to do.  Peace.


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