10 on Thursday [on Friday]

Written yesterday, posted today with [edits].

1.  My mother lands at DCA today at 4:35PM.  I’m very excited to see her and let her buy me glasses of wine and watch as she gets stuck in the metro gates all weekend– she just cannot figure those damn things out.

[She arrived!  When I walked into my cousin’s house last night she said, “my favorite daughter!” and I said, “you mean your favorite child!”.]

2.  OKC Fail #598460– I received the following message:

What’s the difference between a wink and a message??

Is that like an online dating version of– Hey, girl.  I’ve lost my phone number, can I have yours?  Or did he really just want advice on how to use the damn website?

3.  Andy B’s “dreamy” status has been revoked, as he refused to come out drankin’ with us last weekend.  I’m demoting him to moderately attractive until he redeems himself.

4.  IT’S CLEANING DAY!  I’m so excited I could pee my pants.  Everyone cross your fingers that the cleaning people can figure out the appropriate amount of wiggle needed to get the front door unlocked.

[I had to talk them through unlocking the door over the phone but they did it!  And I didn’t actually pee my pants.]

5.  I’m wearing freshly dry cleaned pants today.  There is really nothing like admiring that crisp crease down the front of your pants, while anxiously awaiting the first coffee stain.

[No coffee was spilled!  But they were very wrinkled.]

6.  My cocktail dresses will be arriving today.  I so so hope one of those dresses fit because I’m going to be real pissed if I have to go shopping.  And if I’m pissed enough, I’ll refuse on principal and show up inappropriate dressed to a classy function.  Again.

[It fits!  Good things happen when you order dresses in 2 different sizes.   One of my co-workers summoned me mid-fashion show and I was like– ahh, can I get dressed first?  It was awkward.]

7.  I downloaded Spotify yesterday after spending about a week trying to remember what it was called and then spent the rest of the day listening to Nate Dogg at the office.  Nate Dogg was my go-to finals survival music.

[And is so not something you should listen to at the office.]

8.  The first (and only) apartment Louisa and I shared was in a  building that was literally falling down.  One of the girls that lived below us– nicknamed Shrek for the strong resemblance– liked to lecture us about turning down the techno music down and stop stomping around in our high heels.  I calmly explained to her one night that if she was going to accuse of such things she should have her facts straight– the music was Nate Dogg and the shoes were cowboy boots and we’d obliged when she trained her dog that barked ALL THE TIME.  It was not the start of a lasting friendship.

9.  I do for real like to stomp around a lot but that girl wasn’t nice.  Treading lightly has never been of my skills– one the bright side, no one has to be concerned that I’ll sneak up on them.

10.  I watched 4 episodes of Parenthood last [Wednesday] night.  Every time an episode would end I’d yell to no one in particular “I’m going to put on another girly show now!  Come stop me if you want to watch baseball!” and then start another episode.

[I won the TV Thursday night.  It may never happen again.]

Have a good weekend!  I’ll try to get my blog-related shit together next week.   Swear.


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  1. That’s right: priorities. Get your blog-related shit together, but you can let the rest of it slide. Because we’ll never know.

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