Mommy Dearest


My mother took charge of my brain yesterday morning and walked herself to the bike store to buy her irresponsible daughter a bike helmet.  She then showed up to my office to show me said helmet and instructed the gentleman that works at my building’s front desk to scold me if I cruised in without it.

She bought me a grey helmet, so it would coordinate with both my brown and black work outfits and insisted I model it following happy hour.  Helmets– they are now sexy.  You heard it here first.


My mother and I spent 2 nights at the Marriott in Woodley Park over the weekend.  We’d strolled through the zoo earlier Saturday afternoon and got a good show at the lions den.  He was either real pissed off about something or demanding his lunch but either way he was making a lot of noise.

I woke up my mother in the middle of the night with my snoring (I don’t actually snore!) and her first half-asleep reaction was that the lion up the street was still making a lot of noise.  Yes, 4 city blocks and 10 stories up she believed my snoring was in fact a lion roaring (that rhymed!).  How embarressing.


My mother and I walked into my house Sunday night and mid-greeting, my roommate yelled, “SHE’S LIKE A MINI YOU!” pointing at me.  It’s a good thing we’re both so cute.

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