3 things

Order of business #1– A very happy birthday to one J. Fisch!  You are the most offensive person I know but I also find you to be a lovely human being.  I hope you have an excellent day.

Order of business #2– I went to the doc today for a routine check-up (and so I had a primary care doc to call when I inevitably get strep this winter) and it turns out I have the tiniest bit of high cholesterol.  The doctor assured me it wasn’t a big deal and I should just say away from “shiny” foods.  Turns out “shiny” foods are all my favorite things– salami, bacon, cheese, mayonnaise.  I’m screwed.  And also amazed I’m not really really fat.

The doctor also promised me I wasn’t dying, which tends to be a day-to-day concern of mine.  As we all know, I’m a bit of a hypochondriac in the most loveable, charming and non-dramatic sense of the term.  So no brain tumor!  Nice!

Order of business #3– Now I’m off to the dentist!  Shoot me.


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  1. Rick Legeer

    “It is not a tumor”!

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