10 on Thursday

1.  Those Occupy DC kids are going to smell pretty funky by the end of the day with all this rain.  I’m inclined to start spraying Febreze around McPherson Park as a precaution.

2.  My friend Liza (who’s adventures you can read about here) sent me a picture of her new friend JoJo this week.  I am incredibly jealous.  I did get to spoon a howler monkey this summer but that is an ORANGUTAN!  And JoJo and I kind of match, so obviously we should be friends.

3.  I stepped in a gigantic puddle this morning and now the inside of my boots are wet.  Not awesome.

4.  I have no cavities!  My dentist wears Canadian tuxedo scrubs, so he quite obviously knows what he is talking about.  He did recommend a mouth guard for my teeth grinding issue– which is really going be detrimental to my dating life.  If I ever get one.

5.  I consistently frustrate pilates and yoga instructors everywhere with my shoulders.  The conversation usually goes like this–

Instructor:  Relax your shoulders.
Instructor:  No, you need to put your shoulders down.
Me:  I am trying!  They just don’t go down anymore!

In my new attempts to actively not spend the majority of my day with my shoulders as close to my ears as possible, I keep demanding my tall coworkers stand behind me and jam my shoulders down.  It’s weird but I think it’s working.  If I know you in real life– please feel free to participate.

6.  Hahaha.

7.  From this day forth– the walk of shame will now be called the stride of pride.  I’m fairly certain that Natalie didn’t actually make that up but I’m going to give her credit.

8.  My mom sent me a subscription to a cooking magazine, which is both incredibly thoughtful and hilarious that she thinks my cooking skills have progressed beyond quiche.  I immediately turned to my friend and said, “My mom bought me a cooking magazine!  It’s going to be so fun picking out new recipes for you to cook for me!”

9.  Confidential to all the single ladies:  Tomorrow’s post will feature a very eligible bachelor.  Don’t miss it!  Tell your friends!

10.  I know I hopped on the Adele bandwagon pretty late but I’m way into her.  This is my new favorite song.

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  1. Honestly, you are hilarious. 🙂

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