Who wants to date Andy B?

Ladies, I introduce to you my friend Andy B.  He’s easy on the eyes and knows his way around the kitchen.  I’d date him but he voted for Bush.

About Andy B (according to his roommate Natalie):

Loves working out, pasta conniseur, Utah-bred, football-loving (Go PACKERS!) (editor’s note:  GO VIKINGS!), athletic, burbon slogger, former GOP staffer, romantic but not an a “makes me want to throw up” way.  His is on the market for an outdoorsy chick who’s up for anything.  Looks-wise he prefers blondes but the most important thing is NO SKINNY BITCHES.  He generally goes for a little junk in the trunk.  God bless him (amen).  Andy B is sweet and always up for a good time whether it be a hike in the woods or day drinking.  He is laid back and has an infectious laugh and smile.

So ladies– if you would like to go out on a date with Andy B or know someone who might, e-mail me at dointhegrownup@gmail.com.



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3 responses to “Who wants to date Andy B?

  1. Mina

    I am tempted, as Andy B seems like quite a catch but seeing as I am already sleeping with a republican, I must pass.

  2. I thought Republicans had their own, special mating rituals? Like frat parties, or country club mixers, or meet-cutes at the shooting range?

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