There was only 9.  Turns out I can’t count.  Danny was the one that caught it, therefore:

10.  Danny’s really fancy car is an automatic.


Due to a series of events I ended up spending most of Friday afternoon babysitting my co-workers 9 month old (thus the lack in posting).  It was just like college except I was in professional clothes instead of sweatpants.  The Soap channel daytime line-up hasn’t even changed.  Baby C and I bonded, he took a nap, I took a nap, he woke up, shoveled my dress in his mouth and babbled for 30 minutes while we watched 90210.  A hard day at the office.


Remember when I accidentally bought all that ridiculous underwear that has things written on the butt?  The “I get around” underwear got mixed in with Barrington’s things when he was visiting and is currently in Chicago.  They literally got around.


It’s getting weird how into this guy I am.

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