I’m very busy at the moment writing up my performance review for work.  It’s hard to not just write really big in red marker I’M THE BOMB across my job description and turn it in.  I can’t imagine that the VP I report to would be very amused.  And I’m sure that non-amusement would probably mess with my raise and bonus in December, so I’m actually writing things down like plays nice with others and doesn’t bite on the playground.

Just kidding.  It’s more along the lines of– has worked on my sass problem.  Can rattle off the Boss Man’s birthday and social security number faster than my own.  Doesn’t lose receipts.  Am super great at keeping the petty cash organized because I can count real good.  It’s going well.

This is where I’m going to remind you that I paid $100,000 for college and I’m not bitter whatsoever.  I think at one point I wanted to change the world.  Now I’m changing the way I color code the Boss Man’s Outlook calendar one event at a time.


The video keeps freezing on my iPad but I can’t really ask anyone in the office to help me trouble shoot because then I’d have to admit I broke it watching Sons of Anarchy for hours on end over the weekend.  I can’t really be all like– hey, will you help me fix this fancy electronic devise you bought me for work-related purposes?  I have not been able to stare Jax Teller’s fine ass and contemplate joining a biker gang in days!


This is the best thing ever.  Political nerds, you will thank me.

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