5 on Thursday

Because it is damn close to my bedtime.  And I had a crap day.

1.  Roommate B is eating a steak that cost $2.  That is 8 quarters he paid for a piece of meat.  He swears he cooked it perfectly, but it literally tastes like cow.  It’s not delicious.

2.  Roommate A modeling his Halloween costume (see below).  Yup, you’re seeing correctly.  That’s a penis.  They tried to talk me into wearing it along the lines of– if you live in a house full of boys long enough, you’ll grow one of your own– but I’ve got my heart set on being Pippi Longstocking for the 80th year in a row.

3.  So I will have my hair in pigtails and wearing mismatched socks.  Other girls will be dress liked this.  I think my favorite is the “sexy perfect soft-boiled egg”.

4.  I finally caved and put on tights this morning.  I’ve accepted the coats and the layers and the scarves, but tights are a whole new level of winter acceptance.  Gentleman, I’m sure you don’t understand, but wearing tights feels like your insides are being squished together.  I once tried purchasing the largest size of tights in the store to minimize inside squishing, but turns out that size is just made for woman with legs that are 7 feet long.

5.  Ok, maybe I really only had 4.  But we’ve got a fine lookin’ single man to pimp out tomorrow.  And tomorrow is Friday.  So we’ve got that going for us.



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2 responses to “5 on Thursday

  1. Sexy halloween costumes make baby jesus cry.

  2. Seriously– I saw a slutty blackjack dealer, a slutty geisha, a slutty cow with wings…

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