Who wants to date Danny Mac?

Doin’ the Grown-Up’s gentleman of the week is the one and only frat boy friend Danny Mac.  He can read more than sports scores, uses really big words in drunken conversation and is really really tall.  I’d develop a crush on him myself if he didn’t live so damn far outside the city limits (likes for real, I think he might even be OUTSIDE the Beltway, so you probably need a car to date him).  He didn’t have a female roommate willing to provide his dating profile, so alas, the responsibility has fallen to me.

About Danny Mac:

Besides enjoying long walks on the beach, moonlit horseback rides and purchasing fancy cars with automatic transmissions, Danny enjoys the finer things in life.  He’d like to find a good woman that appreciates a delicious meal and decent bottle of wine as much as he does.  A woman that reads real books (not just Snooki’s latest), has opinions about the universe and isn’t an asshole.  He’s a fan of blonds and brunettes, but is flexible in that regard as long as they are “hot as shit”.  A love of travel and hate of reality TV are also on his list of requests.

So if you’ve got the wicked smarts like Danny Mac and are a nice human being and would like to sit around discussing Atlas Shrugged over a bottle of Merlot, e-mail me at dointhegrownup@gmail.com.  Have a good weekend y’all and Happy Halloween!


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One response to “Who wants to date Danny Mac?

  1. k

    Aw, he’s a hottie. Too bad I live in L.A.

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