We’re rocking the casual dress this week at the office, as pretty much everyone is in Europe for our board meeting.  I was going to pick up my drycleaning last night but then was like– why would I do such a silly thing because I get to wear jeans all damn week.  It’s incredibly exciting.  And yes, I recognize it’s fairly sad that I find wearing jeans at the office to be an exciting event.

I’m usually partial to my baggy ripped boyfriend jeans (I know, cockblockin’ myself) but during a fit of inspiration last year bought a pair of well fitting skinny jeans that I pulled out of my closet this AM.  Being that I prefer all my clothes to be falling off my body, I was shocked and surprised about  how damn good my booty looked when I was wearing jeans that actually fit me.


Being that my co-workers are all in a time zone 6 hours ahead, we wake up to 146 million e-mails but we’re all left alone around lunch time after they’ve moved from meetings to cocktailing.  While I would very much like to be enjoying a glass of wine and delicious food at this very moment, wearing jeans to an empty office comes in as a close 2nd choice.  Can you hear that people?!  It’s silence.


I weighed my options last night– pilates vs. sitting on the couch with a tub of pumpkin ice cream– and went with the exercise like a good girl.  The instructor had noticed my recent absence and I had to explain that drinking beer and eating deep fried food had been my preferred hobby as of late.

After class she came up to me to discuss how I was incapable of relaxing my shoulders and I just laughed– tell me something I don’t know, you incredibly fit and zen lady.  I would like my shoulders to be as close to my ears at all times, thank you very much.  It’s how I confirm that I am super stressed out and overwhelmed and alive.  So there.

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