10 on Thursday

The high and low of the week edition.  Or I’ve had a lot of a rough mornings.


1.  I woke up to a couple inches of standing water in my basement this morning.  The hose that connects the washing machine to the wash basin/faucet exploded.  I have no idea how long it had been leaking, but enough to run us out of hot water, which sent me into the basement to check the hot water heater and then surprise!  Water everywhere!

2.  After racing upstairs to put on clothes* and wake up Roommate A, I realized I had FINALLY had an excuse to wear my super ugly navy rain boots with anchors on them besides a little bit of rain.  That would have been a high but as it turns out the right one has a hole in it, which is a huge bummer.

3.  I had to shovel water out of my basement this morning.  That is a really lame start to the day.  There was an awkward collection of mismatched socks and used dryer sheets that had to be cleaned up and small rugs that were soaking wet and weighed about 25 pounds each.  Rugs + wet basement water = grossness.

4.  That’s all pretty bad, but not as bad as yesterday morning.  Because yesterday morning I’m fairly certain I saw a dead person being pulled off a metro car.  They’d been trying to resuscitate him for about 15 minutes before removing him from the train.  Being that they were not moving with much urgency and I’ve seen a fair amount of dead people in my life– I don’t think he lived.  It was a very alarming way to start the day.

5.  I in no way pulled my weight at trivia last night.  In fact, I don’t think I contributed a single answer.  And I completely recognize that having poor trivia skills and discussing a dead person on the metro in the same post is mildly insensitive.  My thoughts go out to that gentleman’s family.


6.  I’m wearing my skinny jeans again, thus my butt looks fine as hell.  A guy I played rugby with in college, nicknamed the Great Dane, used to call button downs his “bitch gettin’ shirts”.  I will now call my skinny jeans my “dude gettin’ jeans”.

7.  I only had TWO e-mails this morning when I woke up and one was spam.  Confidential to my co-workers in France:  Keep up the good work.

8.  One of my bosses called yesterday to tell me super mean things like– the weather is amazing today, dinner last night was delicious, the wine spectacular.  I responded:  Oh, yeah?  Well, we’re going out for cookies!  And they are going to have sprinkles on them!  And promptly hung up the phone.  Jerk.

9.  Andy B‘s birthday is next week.  Don’t you want to take him out for a birthday drink?  Stranger danger is so in right now!

10.  Song of the week:

*One cannot perform water removal wearing only a bathrobe.  That’s not lady like.


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