Weekend Update

This post is mostly a list of my weekend activities.  Fair warning.


Knowing that the frat boys would be elsewhere, I decided to very intentionally spend Friday night home alone on the couch with a bottle of wine and a straw.  I added my new leggings for good measure and spent about 6 hours watching trashy television.  I decided to call it a night when I was watching the Notebook for the second time and was not even ashamed of myself.

*And refused to participate in any activity for the remainder of the weekend that called for real clothes.  Gap leggings are the bomb.


I got domestic as hell Saturday afternoon and was actually quite impressed with myself and my dish pan hands.  I cleaned, cooked, I did laundry, I grocery shopped, I drank a bloody mary.  I even baked!  Brownies out of a box, but still damn impressive.  I not only cooked one but TWO kinds of soups and even served them to a friend for dinner– so we know for sure the soups were edible.  Martha Stewart, watch out!  I learned how to follow a recipe.


T Bone and I hiked the Billy Goat trial (perfect legging activity) Sunday morning and it was packed.  Like balance-on-top-of-a-pointy-rock-until-the-Boy-Scouts-pass packed.

As we were going rogue off-trail looking for a way down the rock face that didn’t involve waiting for 20 people to come up first, we passed a woman who was going up the way we were attempting to go down.

“Are we going to die that way?” I asked her.

“That depends,” she said, “are you rock climber?”

“No.  Are you?”

“Yes,” she said, while raising an eyebrow and obviously judging me for my inferior rock climbing skills.

I resisted the urge to yell “show off!” and slid down mostly on my butt.  But safely, thank you very much.


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  1. I love the Billy Goat Trail. But I am always confused that foreign tourists are there. It took me seven years of living in DC before anyone told me about it, but it’s apparently in other people’s f’ing guide books. Maybe I need more friends.

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