10 Things (mostly about Louisa) Thursday

1.  This is my best friend Louisa.  Isn’t she adorable?

2.  Louisa and I met at volleyball practice our freshmen year of high school.  Both careers were short lived– I quit to start my impressive career slinging turkey legs at the Minnesota State Fair and I’m fairly certain Louisa told our coach to shove it.  For the rest of high school the coach greeted me warmly in the hallways and pretended to not recognize her starting JV setter.

3.  Louisa is almost 9 months older than me, which is a huge deal when you’re in high school.  I was the last to get my drivers license, the last to legally be able to stay out past midnight in the city of Minneapolis, the last to legally buy cigarettes, the last to legally drink in a bar.

It was sticking point for many years, but now that we’ve reached an age were awesome things no longer happen on your birthday I’m finally the winner.  Because you know what, Lou?  When you turn 30, I’ll still be 29.  And when you turn 40, I’ll still be 39.  And when you turn 50– holy hell, we’ll never be that old.  Never mind.

4.  This was Louisa’s first car– a blue drop-top Pontiac Sunbird.  My mother was HORRIFIED it didn’t have a roll bar, because my mother was the original “safety first” mother.  If I ever struck it rich and wanted to buy Louisa an awesome present, this is what I’d buy her.  And then we could once again cruise around Lake Harriet smoking cigarettes and listening to rap music real loud like bad asses.

5.  I started my freshmen  year of college with a head full of microweave (click on photo to enlarge) which was mostly Louisa’s idea.  My mother told me I looked like I had cancer but I still think I looked awesome.  Note Lauren on the right who was kind enough to help her new friend take out her microwave halfway through the quarter.  It took one viewing of The Breakfast Club and four episodes of Friends.  And a couple forks.

6.  This is really funny.  Kids of the 90s united!

7.  I ate the BEST meal ever last night at Proof in Chinatown.  The diver scallops and the red wine and the pickled things, oh my.  I think it’d be a great place to get terrible news because I’d be so busy moaning appreciatively over my meal that I wouldn’t be all that concerned if someone was telling me I had six months to live.  It was the that good.

8.  A day in the life– below is what I assume was happening when that picture was taken at Asylum in 2009.

Me:  OMG, I did not know that shot was Jameson.  I’m dying.  I’m actually dying.  That was so gross.  I thought it was SoCo lime.  WHY would you do something so mean?  Oh my, now I’m drunk.

Lou:  Hey, Rach!  Remember when you used to be a champion and then moved to Washington, DC and forgot how to do anything fun?

And then Spano took this photo of us.  We both look like crazy people, but I think it accurately sums up our friendship.  You can’t tell from the picture, but I’d like to add that she is wearing a dress that she once sneak-attacked out of my closet and I’m wearing a skirt that I had stolen from her.  BFF4LYF.

9.  T – 11 hours until I’m touching down in the Chi.  Hold onto your knickers!  It’s going to be an excellent weekend.  Happy 25th birthday, Lou.

10.  Our song of the week.  And don’t tell me that Florance + The Machine were so last month.  I think we’ve properly established that I am way behind the times on music.  I just figured out who Adele was guys.


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