Who wants to date Brynn?

Gentleman, I’d like to formally introduce to you to my former co-worker and friend, Miss Brynn.  Recently single and always awesome– Brynn could be the woman of your dreams.

Brynn’s likes:  The Packers (DISGUSTING), the Footloose station on Pandora, her 3 younger brothers, cooking super awesome Midwest things like taco scoop, the entire state of Wisconsin, her family’s lake house (I’ve been there– it is pretty great), Jimmy Johns, her friends and family, me (obviously) and dancing to name just a few.

Dislikes:  Boys that are shorter than she is (she’s 5’8″ without the heels), the Vikings (HATER), people that don’t appreciate the awesomeness that is Wisconsin, smokers (at least kissing them).

About you:  Brynn has requested that you be very tall, handsome and interested on taking her out on a holiday themed date.  Also gainfully employed, funny, good conversationalist, a little faith in something and a sense of adventure.  And more importantly– please be prepared for her to dominate you in Words With Friends.

If you’d like to date Brynn, shoot me an e-mail at dointhegrownup@gmail.com.  Be warned– there is a rigorous screening process for this girl.  I need her to keep answering my frantic WTF?! e-mails about my job responsibilities, so I have to make sure y’all are going to act right.



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2 responses to “Who wants to date Brynn?

  1. dmac

    when did you start pimping women?? lol awesome!

  2. Yeah, because pimping men is going so well for me…

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