Question of the day

I’ll do the weekend update tomorrow because this is more important.  As I think I’ve mentioned, I have to go to a super fancy black tie dinner for work on Friday– something that I mostly forget about on a daily basis (do you know it’s December?!) until I’m reminded that I have to learn how to walk in my fancy girl high heels (making one big toe numb at this very moment) and have my dress dry cleaned.

I very kindly asked Brynn to be my date because she loves that type of shit and we all know I don’t have a boyfriend– real or imaginary– at this point.  Now Brynn and I have had MANY discussions about how nice a corsage would really bring my outfit together, yet she refuses to bring me one.  I think this is complete and total bullshit.  And I think you should agree with me.  Maybe hard numbers will change her mind.  Vote early, vote often!



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6 responses to “Question of the day

  1. Uncle Steve

    You should by Brynn a corsage as YOU invited her to the shindig!

  2. Will the event have free alcohol? If so, then Brynn should consider a corsage her cover charge.

  3. Uncle Steve

    I notice you didn’t share my comment!

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