5 on Monday – the 4 Days Late and a Dollar Short Edition

Shit got real at the office on Thursday and I was working right up until the bitter end on Friday afternoon, which was why this is being posted many days later.  I’m currently sitting in my mother’s kitchen enjoying a glass of wine and there is no place in this world I’d rather be.

From last week:

1.  4 more hours and I’m off for TEN DAYS!  I’m so excited I’m just about ready to pee my pants.  I’ve been pretty checked out for most of the week, so when the boss man had a long list of things for me to do yesterday [Thursday], I almost went into shock.  So close to vacation!  Why are you making me work, man?!

2.  This is awesome.  Way to go, Minnesota.  The fact that a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage will be on the ballot next year in my dear home state makes me want to go TP the homes of Republican leadership.

3.  I have one episode left in season 4 of Sons of Anarchy and I have very mixed emotions.  While I’m really rooting for Jax to leave Charming and the Sons for the sake of his fam-III-ly (that is how the Brit turned motorcycle thug pronounces that word), I don’t know what I’m going to do if I can’t stare at his pretty face anymore.

4.  Turns out everyone else in DC had the same idea as me– wait until the last possible minute to Christmas shop.  I took one look at the line 25 people deep at the Barnes and Nobles check out last night and went home to order my mother’s gift online.  She loves me enough to know that waiting in such a line would make me INCREDIBLY unhappy and willing to wait 3 -6 business days for her gift.  At least I think she does.

5.  I strolled through Occupy DC yesterday afternoon.  This dude was huffing.

And these kids were launching cell phones from their newly built rocket launcher.  Dudes– you are making our generation look GOOD.

I’ll be very busy wedding dress shopping with Gigi the next few days, but I’ll give y’all the Christmas update at some point.  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.


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