10 on Thursday

10 7 on Thursday

1.  I have to go to the lady business doctor tomorrow, which will prove to be very interesting.  Nothing like having someone who has 1.)  seen you naked from the waist down and hysterically crying and 2.) poured you a glass of wine at her parent’s house stab you repeatedly with needles trying to find your vein.

2.  For #1 to be interesting, you need to remember these things:

See!  It is going to be super fun.  I am looking forward to it.

3.  I rebooted my OKC account to stalk Andy P the other day since he wouldn’t e-mail me back about his dating profile and I’ve since been re-traumatized by dudes e-mailing me and asking me to “chit chat” and gentlemen looking f0r someone who is “passionate about everything they do”.

I don’t know about you, but I am surely not passionate about taking out the trash, or shaving my legs.  Both things suck, but must get done.  I will be deactivating once again, thank you very much.

4.  OKC has a “question” section in which you answer questions about yourself that range from humorous to well meaning to all around creepy.  My two favorites thus far:

  • Have you ever attempted to murder another human being?
  • Imagine you have a significant other who reveals they have a video tape of a sexual encounter from a prior relationship and offers to show it to you. Would you want to see it?

If I did happen to murder someone, I am surely not going to admit that on my dating profile (although nice attempt to weed out the creepers, OKC!) and um, I’m going to guess no.

5.  I also need to formally retract my bold statement that Andy P loves bourbon.  He in fact hates it.  I was confusing him with former-Roommate C who loves bourbon so much he and his lady are getting hitched at a bourbon distillery in Kentucky this April.  Andy P, I am sorry for misrepresenting you on the internet.

6.  Speaking of roommates, look at how fine Roommate B looks in his new hat.  He calls it– my white elephant Christmas gift from work.  And I call it– stylish in northern Minnesota.

7.  And I’ve now run out of things to say!  I hope everyone has a good afternoon and I am going to go back to work. And by work I mean googling vacations.  Doesn’t this look nice?  I will however, leave you with a song of the week.  I bring to you Nate Dogg.



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3 responses to “10 on Thursday

  1. spano

    I wanna be your date on the BVIs. We have a 30 day return policy, DO you think they would refund us if we go and end up fighting the whole time?

  2. Sounds like OKC is testing the waters before adding an “upload your sex tape here” button to everyone’s profile. At least you’d be able to weed out the dudes who like to cry like a baby and be held after sex.

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