New Years Resolutions

I try to not make New Years resolutions because everyone seems to break them and I’m entirely too irritated by the I’m-going-to-lose-10-pounds resolutioners fucking about my gym for the month of January.  (Seriously, y’all, it’s mid-month, isn’t it time for you guys to quit yet?)

I do, however, like to make some generalized goals for the upcoming year.  I like rocking the generalized goals because it’s hard to fail when the bar is set low(ish) and because you all must feel bad when your New Years Resolutions fail miserably.  And I really hate setting myself up to fail.


1.  Buy jeans that make my ass look fine as hell AND are as comfortable as my boyfriend jeans.  And quit wearing my boyfriend jeans in public.

(This has been done!  Comfort and a fine looking behind in the form of Lucky Brand’s Sweet and Low.)

2.  Finally go to Annapolis.  The fact that I’ve lived in DC for three years now and have yet to visit that city to enjoy both their crab cakes and sailors is upsetting.

3.  Save lots and lots of money.

4.  Explore my options.  As I said last week, I have no mother fucking idea what I want to be when I grow up.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t start figuring it out.  Now when I come across a job or career path that sparks my attention,  I try to figure out what excites me about the job and what I would have to do to get to that place in my career.

5.  Take the GREs.  While going to grad school has never really been on my radar, I know that if I ever decide to go back it will be because one day I’ll wake up and think–  Sharpen the pencils!  Bust out the graphing calculator!  I need to go to grad school NOW! If that day comes, I want to be prepared.

6.  Find solutions to the problems.  I decided when I got promoted that I was going to be the most pro-active executive assistant this place had ever seen.  If I had a problem, I was going to do my find a workable solution.   Plain and simple.  I am going to try and do this with life as well.

7.  Be more adventurous.  I am by no means a scaredy cat, but I need to do more stuff.  Like taking an art class, or kayaking up the Potomac on the weekend or spending more time in the woods.

8.  Stick my toes in the damn Atlantic.  I haven’t been to an East Coast beach since I was a kid and that is shameful.  That will change this summer– even if I have to drive to Dewey, stick my toes in the ocean and then drive home.

9.  Take myself more seriously.  I forget sometimes that I’m one smart cookie.

10.  Follow the two rules and expect others to do so as well.  The rules are– do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it.  And be nice.








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5 responses to “New Years Resolutions

  1. Laura

    You + me = Annapolis. I’d even bake you cookies for the ride AND offer to drive.

  2. Rick Legeer

    The resolutions types have left my gym so all is normal and I have friends in their ’40’s born and raised in Baltimore who have never been to Annapolis. When I was first out of college I took the GRE’s and LSAT but still only have a BA. Don’t sweat stuff. Live life the way you want.

  3. And as my grandma always said – if it isn’t life or limb, don’t worry about it.

  4. OK: so when you go to Annapolis, be sure you go in nice weather and eat here: (It’s not downtown, but it’s on a river so drinking beer and crackin’ crabs = awesome.) Also: yes – do take the GRE now, before you forget school math. Re-learning algebra and geometry when you’re 30 sucks worse than learning it the first time. BTW: still not clear on why there is a math section for anyone who isn’t going to be an engineer. They should have an Excel Spreadsheet portion of it instead. That’s more practical. Anyway.

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