Max Becomes a Grown-Up

We take a break from our regularly schedule programing- 10 on Thursday- to bring you a post from my cousin Max.  Max and I, along with our younger siblings (we’re both the oldest of three and very close in age) spent many summers together at the cabin swimming, jumping on the trampoline and walking to Sweets ‘N Such for ice cream.

Or as I remember it– the boys torturing me, pulling the ladder up on the trampoline so I couldn’t climb on and INSISTING that my cousin Daniel who was born on July 31st was older than me, born on July 29th the same year, because 31 is a bigger number than 29.  Not that I’m holding any grudges.

Max has had a rough go of it at times, but he is one of the few people I know that decides– I am going to do _____, damnit!  And fucking does.  That relates to partyin’, sobriety, college, family, goals and everything in between.  I’m proud of the dude you’ve become, Max.  And without further adieu:

Max Becomes a Grown-Up

By Max, the brother of Rachel’s favorite cousin Josephine

I have read all of my cousin’s blog posts.  Why?  Well she is my cousin, she writes well (though she does need to proof once in a while [editor’s note: true]), and she is funny as hell.  I have a bit of bias because I love her to death, but her writing strikes a chord with me as does her theme: Growing UP.

I’ve generally just acted like a child.  Rachel can attest to this, but in the last five years I have tried my best to do the grown up… kind of.  Rachel, as my younger cousin, turned up the competitive heat and just had to start a blog, graduate, get a professional job, promoted, take flying lessons, and a bunch of other cool stuff all before the age of 25.

I took a different route to the road adulthood and at 27, am just now merging into traffic.  OK!  Enough with the hackneyed metaphors.  This is why I hate writers…except you Rach! [Thanks!]  I could bore you with drug addled details and alcoholic despair, but honestly, I bore my self.  Your imagination is better suited for the debauch.  I started back at school at 23 after a stint in rehab and have been catching up to adulthood ever since and I have a long way to go.

As of last month, I have joined the ranks of my peers who started what I should have started about five years ago.  Just yesterday, in fact, My ex-girlfriend referred to me as a “Man-Boy” rather than just a child.  So that’s progress…. right?  Honestly it is amazing we’re still on good terms, but that is a story for an entirely different time- which is never.

I am about to start a sales job with a small textile company.  Due to nepotism and some aggressive e-mails I conned my way into the job just like I conned my way through the university system of GA with grace, charm, and..yes.. actually doing some work.  If I have learned anything in the past few years it’s that a persona of fake confidence sometimes turns into real confidence, and that as long as you send a preemptive thank you note and kiss ass; people give you pretty much everything you need.

All of this has yielded some incredible opportunity.  I am making my way to the west coast and after six weeks in San Diego, I will be headed to Vietnam where I will whip sweat shop workers… into a frenzy for embroidery!!

Our generation has generally been on mixed terms with growing up.  Some of us never do -all of you know who I’m talking about- and some of us fall into it.  But most of us reside in a liminal state, a limbo of in between, trying to figure whatever “it” is out.  We’re the special ones.  Those of us who have the ambition and the urge to make impacts and be an example are the same ones who are still trying to grow and that’s what I call “Doing the Grown up.”

You can follow Max on Twitter @bananahambone.  And while you’re at it, follow me too @dointhegrownup.


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  1. Lou

    Awesome Max! Congratulations on your graduation and job, best of luck in ‘Nam! Rach- way to keep it real real.

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