10 on Thursday

The Happy Birthday and GRE Edition!

1.  Meet Barrington, my friendly companion.

This is one of two pictures I can find of us together.  He may have had a black eye and I was about 20 years old, a recent college graduate and on a quite the bender if I remember correctly, but don’t we look cute?  I am almost positive tequila shots immediately followed this picture being taken.

2.  This is the other picture.  About 2 years ago– also a a bar.

I am fairly certain I was feeling up his pectoral muscles, because they are nice, ladies.  Barrington is 6 foot something of solid American rugby muscle.  You’d want to touch his pecs too.

3.  And all of this is important, because today is his birthday!  HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY, BARRINGTON!!!

4.  Barrington and I first met on my 19th birthday.  At a bar.  He was very confused as to why a 19 year old was celebrating her birthday in a bar and I was very confused why he was being mean to me on my birthday.  Fake IDs dude, fake IDs.  And I had a lot of them.

5.  The start of our friendship, after I forgave him for being mean to me on my birthday, was a month later–  fueled by a very drunk Labor Day party, the invention of Facebook chat and a lovely Friday evening spent at a German festival in Chicago.  It was our first friend-date.  From that day forward, I got to feel his pecs at my leisure.  I’m such a lucky girl.

Barrington– I hope you have a lovely day and I’m sorry I’m not there to celebrate with you.

6.  Today is picture day at work.  The picture of me on our website is terrible and was mildly traumatizing to take.  It was my first week on the job and I was still adjusting to the whole wake up early and put on big girl clothes thing, so I’m looking forward to a do-over.

I even took extra care with my hair and make- up this morning so the photographer couldn’t make fun of me again.  I won’t forget to smile!

7.  There was another birthday this week that I failed to mention during my partial hiatus.  Natalie, my favorite Republican and the best Valentine’s Day date of all time turned 27 (I think) on Tuesday.  Happy birthday, Natalie!  Natalie would like to formally request an apology from President Obama for interrupting her big day with the State of the Union address.  How rude.

8.  I signed up for the GRE’s this week, which seems both nuts and expensive.  With the $160 for the test and another $40 for the prep materials, I could have bought myself many many cute pairs of shoes.  Oh well, I guess I’m investing in my future and brain and shit.  My brain better cooperate and relearn math or I’m going to be really upset.

9.  Seriously–it’s been over 6 years since I’ve done any math beyond figuring out what to tip the waitress, so I might be screwed in that regard.  If I’m freaking out in a month about what the hell Y = MX + B means, please remind me to calm down.

10.  Back on the blue grass kick.  I’ve been listening to this song non-stop for the better part of the week.

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