10 on Thursday

1.  There are still pockets in the house that smell like burnt lentils but overall the smell has dissipated.  The boys could mostly care less and kept asking me to stop asking them if they can smell it.  They can’t.  I should get over it.  Bless living with dudes.

2.  That’s not to say the jokes aren’t coming and I certainly deserve them.  They gleefully remind me to not burn down the house every time I go near the stove, but I can’t even be mad, because apparently I do need those reminders.

3.  In an effort to cook the smell out of my house (seems dangerous, doesn’t it?) I’ve fried no less than an entire package of bacon since Sunday.  And eaten slightly less than an entire package of bacon.  T-Bone came over for dinner Sunday night, so she helped a little bit.  But not enough to make me feel any better about the fact that I cooked and consumed a significant amount of bacon in the last week.  It’s amazing my heart is still pumping.

4.  In case you’re curious– I made and ate the following:

  • Brussels and bacon, fried in a touch of bacon fat.
  • Roasted broccoli, bacon and gnocchi with cheese, cooked in a touch of bacon fat.
  • Straight bacon, eaten straight from the plate.  Normally served with a side of eggs and toast, but man– did that seem like a lot of work to cook too.

5.  The frat boys have started doing the PX-90 workouts, which means we are now in possession of a pull-up bar.  I tried to do a pull-up last week and could not do A SINGLE ONE.  I have made it my summer goal.  I will be able to do at least one pull-up and have super big muscles.

6.  We now have a wellness incentive at work.  I was joking with my mom at Christmas that I was going to make my goal 25 push-ups, so that during my performance review in December I could drop down in front of my former-military boss and give ’em 20.  This prompted my mother to challenge me to a push-up off in my grandfather’s living room, which I’m ashamed to say that I lost very quickly.

7.  That brings me to summer goal #2– beat my mother at something.  She has challenged me to a plank-off this weekend.  I can do a solid minute, so I think I’ve got a chance.

8.  I’m heading to Duluth tonight to spend the weekend with my grandpa, which I’m extremely excited about.  Because who wouldn’t be excited to spend the weekend with this adorable man?

9.  At 95 he’s mastered the art of living.  A cigar or two a day, red wine with a couple of ice cubes and family lined up for miles to keep him company, cook him dinner and hear for the thousandth time how he started WWII.  And it’s a great story each and every time.

10.  Song of the week.  Because it just makes you feel good.


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