10 on Thursday / 2 + 1 = Today’s Post

Because I’m feeling lazy.  And that simple arithmetic problem is as close as I’ve come to studying for the GREs in weeks.

1.  A happy belated birthday to Hilarity in Shoes!  I actually knew it was your birthday all day yesterday, just failed to acknowledge it.  I’m very sorry.  Please feel free to now forget mine (it’s July 29th).

2.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it one hundred times.  Fuck pollen and the plants they grow on.  I walked past some freshly cut grass yesterday evening and my eyes got so watery and my nose got so runny that I had to lie down when I got home.  No frolicking through meadows or rolling down hills for me until shit quits blooming apparently.

3.  My co-worker B has a raging case of pink eye, which has people around the office feeling a bit nervous.  I’m resisting all urges to make mittens out of lysol wipes whenever I have to be in 3 feet of her person and/or touch anything she might have touched ever.

4.  Co-worker B is not a fan of eye drops and said as much to the doctor yesterday afternoon during her appointment.  Finding out that she lived alone and was unattached– the doctor advised her to go to a bar, have a couple drinks, find a cute boy, take him home with her and ask him to administer the eye drops.  Because that’s super sexy.  At least the good doctor has a sense of humor.

5.  Turns out co-worker B didn’t go trolling for a cute boy last night and has enlisted my services during business hours.  Her instructions to me as follows: shake the bottle of eye drops well, put one drop in each eye, don’t let the bottle touch my eye or else I’ll reinfect myself and watch out because I might try to hit you.

She claims the hitting thing was a reflex.  I instructed her to sit on her hands.  She didn’t actually hit me, I’m pleased to report.

5.  I’ve been averaging a 9:05AM arrival time at work as of late, but managed to make it here before 8:59AM every single day this week.  I stated at a volume slightly higher than necessary “on time again!” Wednesday morning as I walked into the office just as one of the vice presidents rounded the corner.  Damnit.

6. Skip past 2 minutes for this song to get real good.


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