10 on Thursday

Dudes.  By no choice of my own I have been up since 2AM (insomnia!).  We are in the mists of our board meeting at this very moment and my sole goal for the remainder of the day is literally trying to keep my eyeballs open and a smile on my face.  So this is a little cracked out, but 10 thoughts about this board meeting as follows.  And sorry if I didn’t edit whatsoever.

1.  I had to meet my co-worker at our hotel yesterday morning at 7AM.  Both of us had a rough start to the day.  She fell in a puddle.  I missed the city bus and in a fit of holy-shit-I’m-late-panic, didn’t wait for one of the two other buses on the same route, but shoved my suit jacket in my purse and hopped on a Bike Share.  I showed up exactly 1 minute late sweating, dirty and due to the humidity that literally made the air feel wet, the biggest hair of all time.  Go team.

2.  I called one of our board members by the wrong name.  The name of his former partner.  A former partner that he doesn’t get along with.  So that was special.

3.  And then I almost did it again this morning, so I’ve decided to never ever address him by name again.  Problem solved.

4.  I’ve also decided that I should get a gold star every time I keep my somewhat sassy comments to myself around my superiors.  I would have netted at least 5 gold stars yesterday and maybe a silver for a near-miss.  I managed to keep half of my thoughts to myself in that particular situation, so that has to count for something.

5.  “North Carolina: where you can marry your cousin, just not your gay cousin.”  That state officially sucks in my book.

6.  I walked the 45 minutes from my house to the hotel this morning at 5AM– because shit, I had already been up for 3 hours.  It was colder than expected, so I grabbed my jean jacket off the banister and put it on over my $300 Banana Republic suit as I was leaving.  I pretty much looked awesome and extra professional.

7.  I was walking next to my co-worker who was carrying a latte in each hand this morning when she said, “my nose itches”.  Instead of just taking one of the lattes form her hand so she could scratch her itch like a normal person, my immediate response was to try to itch her nose for her.  Who does that?!

8.  We’re not done yet!  My last meeting wrapped at 1PM, but for some reason I thought it would be an extra fun idea to go to a black tie dinner tonight.  I still can’t believe I’m old enough to attend such events and have absolutely no clue how I’m going to stay awake after some mass-cooked chicken (which is totally my favorite– not kidding) and a glass of wine.

9.  My arm is less numb and stupid  than usual, but still acts up once in a while.  I was pressing my head and forearms against the wall (a magical yoga pose that has saved my life) in a House Office Building last night trying to relieve the pressure wearing a business dress and Toms.  I looked so stupid.  Worth it.

10.  I came home unhappy the other night after a long day of prep at the office and Roommate B offered the following music video to improve my mood.  There is no way you can watch that and still be pissed off.  New rule.

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