10 on Thursday – Ain’t Happening

There will be no 10 on Thursday this week because I can’t think of 10 things to write about. I’ve been sitting in a hotel room in San Antonio since Tuesday bored as shit and therefore, the 10 things I can think of to share would also be boring as shit.

Because do any of you care that my hotel room is the longest hotel room that ever lived? Or that I’m in the “new building” so I have to take 2 elevators and go on a brief jaunt across the universe to get to my room? Or that I’ve eaten ALL the tacos? Probably not.

I found “Don’t Mess with Texas” postcards. That was exciting. And San Antonio old fashion sherifs pins with my last name on them. So I bought 3. All at CVS! See, told you this was boring.

Everyone I’ve talked to before I left said “oh, San Antonio, I hear the River Walk is nice.” And don’t worry, guys, your suspicions are true. The River Walk is nice. The Alamo is old. And the weather beautiful. And I have yet to find an actual cowboy. Huge bummer.

Back in DC tomorrow night, y’all. Behave yourselves.


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