10 on Thursday

1.  I would like to formally thank 3M for the invention of post-it notes.  I’m not certain how I would survive my day-to-day office duties without them.  I know that’s a lame intro, but whatever it’s true.

2.  I had to drive my CEO’s wife’s car to our office yesterday and found it oddly satisfying to listen to really loud rap music in her car.  I have no idea why that it was so satisfying, but it was.  I do know that mid-afternoon DC traffic calls for really loud music, so you better believe I was jamming.

3.  Speaking of jams– Brother Ali is coming to the 9:30 Club in September.  First question, does anyone in the DC area know who he is?  Second question, does anyone want to go with me?  I went to Brother Ali’s first headliner show way back when I was in high school.  And then may or may not have skinny dipped in a public lake after the concert.

4.  Roommate B discovered an app called I’d Cap That that provides random captions to your pictures.  It pretty much amused me for the majority of Saturday night.  Mostly captioning pictures of my brother Jack.

Before you get all– I can’t believe you’d say that about your brother!– on me, I’m here for the gangbang is from a movie, y’all.

5.  I was so engrossed in my book last night (I’d say it was more engaging than actually quality literature) that I got on the blue line going the wrong way and ended up at Foggy-Bottom.  I’ve only been going the same direction to get home for 2 1/2 years.  It’s a learning curve.  It’s OK.

6.  Roommate B was out late on a school night this week, which is a rare occurrence.  At 10:30PM, I texted him to make sure he was still alive and then promptly fell asleep.  That’s how much I care about Roommate B.  Safety first!

7.  I tried to make my favorite meal– bacon/brussel sprouts with a side of mac and cheese– for dinner Sunday night and made a mess of it.  First off, frozen brussel sprouts are the grossest things in the whole world ever.  Second, melting cheese in the microwave and mixing it onto buttered noodles does not macaroni and cheese make.  You heard it here first.  Buy fresh and out of the box.

8.  We turned out the Olympics after the staff meeting this afternoon and started to speculate about the happenings of the Olympic village.  Apparently it’s something along the lines of 25 condoms per person that are being distributed and I’m assuming used.

“That’s a lot,” my co-worker said, “because hypothetically, one condom can be used for two people.”

9.  I’ve started systematically deleting facebook friends and it’s surprisingly fun.  Annoying status about HaTiNg AlL tHe DrAmA?  Deleted!  Can’t remember who you are for 20 seconds?  Deleted!

10.  Our song of the week.  Because I had this stuck in my head all week.  And there is something about his voice that makes me OMG I’ll give you all my dollars.  Cash or check?

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