Icebox is a girl!?

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned, but it’s been my summer goal to be able to do ONE pull-up.  A goal that I’ve mostly failed miserably at.  But I’ve still got a couple weeks.

T-Bone and I were at the gym last night taking turns benching the bar, as we do (45 pounds!), when this 5 foot nothing blond girl with solid muscles pumped out ten pull-ups in a row a mere 10 feet from our person.

Let me tell you how it feels to be only physically able to bench the bar, the bar specifically designed to hold the additional weights one is supposed to lift, with a girl banging out pull-ups like it ain’t no thing next to you– intimidating as hell.

We watched her do her various impressive things for a couple minutes before I looked to T-Bone.  “Screw this,” I said, “let’s go drink some wine and eat some salami.”  And prayed we don’t see her in the locker room because she could have totally kicked our asses.  Show off.


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