Dear City of DC,

A couple weeks ago, Roommate B decided to drive to the bar to meet a friend for a couple of late afternoon beers.  After more than a couple beers, he then decided to be responsible and take a cab home with the intention of retrieving his car Sunday morning.  Roommate B didn’t remember the location of his car until Monday morning when he was leaving for work.

He of course got a $25 parking ticket (and was late for work).  He contested the ticket with the following letter.  He is incredibly proud of himself.

Dear Adjudication Services:

I agree with you. I would be very upset, too, about some jerk parking in a restricted space for an extended period of time.

I know that you have a job to do and strict rules to follow. The fact that I’m even insulting your department with this explanation of my minor parking infraction slightly embarrasses me to be honest.

I will not bore you with the specifics, but I drove to this particular parking spot to be with a friend who was in need. This friend was experiencing one of many difficult times in his life and to be frank I didn’t even think about where I was parking. My friend and I shared a meal, and then ventured around the city (walking considerably far from said parking space).

If you can believe it, I picked up my car not twenty minutes after the ticket was issued. Can you believe that? Twenty measly minutes was the difference between an enjoyable Monday ride to work and a $25 violation triggering a doo-doo filled start to my week? Yup! Rules are rules though, and nobody is more disappointed than I am in myself.

These economic times are tough and every penny helps. I ask that you reconsider this fine and give me a second chance to prove I can adhere to these parking guidelines. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Roommate B



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