Hi friends!

Hi friends, sorry I’ve been so absent.  Turns out I actually have to work at my new job!  Quite hard!  Not that I’m complaining in the least.  I am learning something new every day, challenged until my brain hurts and think I’m going to be very happy there.  But a story to start off your week:

I met a friend for a drink last night on H Street and struck up conversation with a man hovering next to me at the bar.  We discussed what I had for dinner (bone marrow) and my favorite food group (salami) and in great detail the deliciousness of bear.   

I got a lot of high fives, as this drunk gentleman thought that any attractive young lady that loved meat as much as I did was the woman of his dreams.  I believe he proposed marriage in fact.  When he told me he was a chef, I asked where he worked.

“SM,” he said. 

“Oh, SM?”  I asked.  Do you know a man named Bob?

“Yeah, Bob’s a great guy!” he said, slightly slurring his words.  “How do you know Bob?”

“I’m Bob’s daughter.”

“Oh, shit.  I just hit on Bob’s daughter,” he said.

And the conversation concluded.  At least for a little while.  Then he had a couple more drinks and went on and on and on about how it was so unreal that Bob was able to create a woman as good looking as myself.  It blew his drunken mind.  I thanked him and told him I looked just like my mother. 


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