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Everyone cross your fingers and send well wishes Roommate B’s way.  He’s getting his tonsils out this afternoon and from all of the “IT’S LIKE SWALLOWING GLASS” commentary leading up to his surgery, assume he’ll be in a world of hurt.  Luckily for Roommate B, his mommy has driven up from South Carolina to nurse him back to health.

There has never been a Southern mother I haven’t liked and living in the frat house I’ve met my share (shout out to momma Moss).  Roommate B’s mother is no different.  When I held out my hand to introduce myself on Sunday evening, she engulfed me in a giant motherly embrace and said “no, we hug.”  Plus my house is going to be clean as shit, as we all need to behave ourselves with a mother around.

THE BOYS ARE COMING (and they’re Russian too!)

I will be invaded tomorrow.  My brothers arrive at 6PM, Barrington at 9PM.  Do you know how annoying it is to have a brother five months from the age of 21?  What am I supposed to do with him?

Thanksgiving dinner has expanded to 14 people in Capitol Hill row house that’s on the smaller, yet totally adorable, side.  We might have to bring back the kids table to get everyone fed.  I’m looking forward to delicious food, hot apple cider spiked with rum around a fire in the backyard and the ability to roll myself to my own bed at the end of the night.

Are you in town too?  Would you like to meet us for cocktails?  Please let me know.


My favorite great uncle and aunt are in town from Minnesota this week and I’m looking forward to our annual Thanksgiving happy hour.  Great Uncle J had part of his earlobe removed 2 years ago for medical reasons.  As explanation he tells people “don’t engage in crazed sex.”  In addition to having a fabulous sense of humor and the most stylish senior citizen of a wife a man could ask for, he’s also pushing 90 and still downhill skis.  I’ve got good genes, yo.


– Last year, this happened.  I hope that turkey has been doing yoga for weeks now.
– And this happened – see #9.  I look forward to this year’s retaliation.

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