10 on Thursday

1.  I took a break from perfecting my early 2000s hip hop Pandora station to listen to some Top 40s this morning.  I accidentally listened to 45 whole seconds of a Justin Bieber song and now I’m ashamed of myself.  Back to T.I.

2.  My mother is town this weekend, which is delightful.  I’m going to eat delicious food and drink delicious wine and make her tell me repeatedly that I’m the best daughter a woman could ask for. This is the second mother visiting the frat house in the last month, as Roommate B’s momma came to nurse him after he got his tonsils out the week of Thanksgiving.

Update on that: He thinks shit sucks, but is finally able to almost eat solid food. We considered feeding him baby bird style, but then realized that was extra gross and gave him more pudding.  Kidding, we never considered doing that.

3.  A funny story about my mother–

I made some pesto pasta for dinner a while back.  After I finished my bowl of pasta, I looked into the pesto jar and realized it was full of mold.  Easy mistake to make.  Pesto is green.  Mold is green.  I called my mother panicked and asked if I was going to die.

“No, honey,” she said, “I fed you lots of mold as a child.  You’ll be fine.”  Good lookin’ out, ma.

4.  We got a new roommate, which has brought my home back to it’s full South Carolina glory.  Roommate F has conveniently forgotten he’s from Illinois and as dedicated Gamecock, embraced South Carolina as his mother land.  So much so that after many many beers and a Nats game two years ago, he thought it wise to get the South Carolina flag tattooed on his back at an establishment on Pennsylvania called Off Da Hook Tattoo.

5.  I was delighted to have Roommate F move in, mostly for one reason and one reason alone (besides him being a very nice person)– a monthly cleaning service.  I saw my opportunity to negotiate and conquered.  My house smelled so amazingly like industry strength cleaning products when I got home from work Tuesday, I was tempted to eat off our counter tops.  And then thought better of it, being that they’re the mice super highway and all.

6.  I’ve lived by myself before, which is mostly great– except for the only person to blame for all the dishes in the sink is yourself and you have no one to turn to when you’re totally freaked out after a Law and Order: SVU marathon and you never arrive home on Sunday afternoons to find impromptu football parties.

There is nothing like walking into a house full of friends, beer, chili on the stove and most importantly of all, cheese dip.  And of course a nice young man willing to make you more cheese dip because it was almost gone.

7.  A follow-up on my pasta date:  I did shovel pasta into my mouth and it was surprisingly delicious.  I had my doubts about Vapiano mostly because I was so confused about how to get my food, but for “fast casual” or whatever it’s called, I enjoyed my noodles and sauce.  Especially since they didn’t even attempt to put peas in my carbonara.  Everyone knows peas are gross.

8.  I texted my date on my train ride home the following:  There is a woman on the train with a chain connection her nose ring to her earring with a giant ass cross hanging from the chain against her cheek.  Super important question– would you go out with my if I attempted such style?

He responded, “No, don’t do that.”  I can’t imagine why he’d feel that way, I think I’d make that style look good.

9.  I laughed about this New Yorker post for mostly 5 minutes.

10.  Song of the week.  This is why the 2000s hip hop Pandora station is bringing it all day long.


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