Home again, home again

We coordinated my last supper in Minneapolis perfectly.  The restaurant opened at 4:30, we were there are 4:31, we were 10 minutes from the airport, with a scheduled departure of 7:25.

My brothers, mother and I filled our bellies with red wine and pasta and bread before I was to be whisked off to the airport by 6PM with just enough time to make it through security and onto my flight.


And then we were delayed an hour and 5 minutes.  And then the flight attendants were missing in action.  And then we were boarding a full hour and a half after our departure time and scheduled to land in DC after midnight.  Which was infuriating.


Many people have skills– the ability to do algebra and follow recipes and not want to throw up in hot yoga.  I cannot do any of those things.  What I can do is fall asleep on any moving vehicle in a matter of seconds.

As a result, I haven’t been awake for takeoff in years.  And also why if you stick me on a metro train home from Rockville after dark, I’ll most likely wake up at Largo Town Center.


There were at least TWO HUNDRED people waiting for a cab last night at DCA.  Bless Uber or else I never would have made it home.  I crawled into bed around 2AM and, of course, wired from standing in the cold among the stressed Christmas travelers.  I tossed and turned for an hour but was delighted to be in my own bed.


I firmly believe that the powers that be made leggings and an oversize sweater trendy because it is the closest you can be to wearing pajamas in public (or in the office).

It’s good to be home.  Although I certainly wish I wasn’t at work.



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