I don’t really believe in making New Years resolutions.  Mostly because I don’t like setting myself up to fail.  And I also try to be really nice to myself.  Instead, I try to make some overarching goals that I contemplate sometime near the end of the year while eating a bread stick, drinking a cocktail and smoking a cigarette.  Oh and setting $70 on fire because I have been to the gym exactly twice during the month of December.

So in 2013, I’d like to exercise more and eat less bread sticks and obviously quit smoking because I’m not a total idiot (just a partial once since I started smoking again in the first place).  But I think about 80% of humans have similar goals to be more healthy and less fat in the New Year.  Which is why my gym is a terrible place the entire month of January (We get it!  You are crabby because you haven’t eaten carbs in 35.7 hours, but please be less of a dick to the people around you).

2012 kind of sucked, mostly because being an adult sucks.  Contributing to your 401K sucks (but so responsible!).  Break ups suck.  Job hunting sucks.  Because as I’ve said this 100 times– job hunting is a strict exercise in rejection.  I went on a shit ton of interviews this year and sent out about 10 million resumes.  And was anxious as fuck about it all the time and unhappy and bored at my old job.

But you know what?  I got a new job!  A new job that even when is stressful as all hell, I really enjoy.  That was my huge goal for 2012.  And I accomplished it.  And that feels awesome.  I’m getting a new boss in 2013, so my work-related goal for 2013 is politely inform her that I am her new protégée.  And that she needs to mold me into the best damn communications manager this city has ever seen.  Mold me!

In 2013, I’d also like to have a pretty awesome adventure.  You know, once I get some vacation days.  I had to go to Minnesota at shit ton in 2012 (for pretty great reasons), which took up a lot of time.  And as I was job hunting,  I was really hesitant to plan a big vacation with plane tickets and hotel reservations because knowing my luck, the second I committed to a non-refundable 10 days in Aruba, I’d receive a job offer that wanted me to start the day before I was set to depart.  Because that’s how awesome my luck is.  So I stayed home a lot, with a glass of wine and a book and my fingers crossed.

So 2013– I’d like to (literally) dust off my snowboard in the corner of my bedroom, finally visit Annapolis (which I think has been my goal every year since I moved to DC) and travel someplace awesome.  And come home with a thrilling story that hopefully doesn’t involve me crashing on my bicycle on a dirt road.

I would also like to read more books, write more stories, be kinder, cook more meatloaf, take up a hobby or extra-curricular activity (any ideas?), be great at my job, sleep soundly at night, dance my butt off, laugh until I feel like I’m going to throw up and continue to surround myself with human beings that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Happy New Year, everyone.  Hope this next year is better than the last.


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  1. Hope

    Happy New Year my dear.

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