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Ringing in the New Year

It is said that how you spend New Year’s Eve is indicative of how you’ll spend the rest of the year.  Not entirely inaccurate, I suppose.  I rang in 2012 with the gentlemen I was dating at the time.  He pissed me off, we argued, ate pizza for dinner, bellied up to the bar at a dive in Dupont Circle, drank champagne and kissed at midnight.  And were home and in bed shortly thereafter, because he was old like that.

He set an alarm for 8AM on New Year’s Day, so we could start off 2012 right, or bright and early, or seize the year, or something equally ridiculous.  Which I’m certain I was furious about for the entirety of the time it took me to commute from breakfast to get back into my own bed that morning.  Because as far as I’m concerned, I will be seizing absolutely nothing until January 2nd.

A fair assessment of my how year continued, as this gentlemen and I spent very much of 2012 either pissing one another off or enjoying each others company over pizza.  Until we started pissing each other off more often than not.  One thing is for certain though, he always insisted on getting me out of bed far too early.  Because again, he’s old like that.


I feared I was at risk of literally welcoming in 2013 alone on my couch, with a bottle of red wine and the 5 seasons of “West Wing” I have yet to watch.  Because when I said, “Yes!  ‘West Wing’ is on Netflix.  I won’t be leaving the house for the next month!” I was kidding.  Until I wasn’t.  And everyone else I knew was either still out of town for Christmas or doing something romantic.


The frat boys invited me to Baltimore, or I invited myself, depending on how you look at it.  I worked until 1PM (completely unfair), spent 45 whole minutes at the gym (15 exercising, 20 in the hot tub with a trashy magazine) and was home, showered, napped and dressed by 5PM for our short venture north.


We drank wine, ate mussels, ordered fancy cocktails, took shots of Fireball Whiskey at a house party, watched fireworks at midnight and danced at a local bar.  We ate late night snacks and piled 6 people into a cab.  Roommate B’s girlfriend took her high heels off and walked barefoot down the street.  We all offered piggyback rides.  Because that certainly isn’t wise.


I started 2013 with no alarm, bacon and eggs, setting off the smoke alarms and a good cup of coffee.  After a shower, I was hauled to the bar for the start of the South Carolina football game.  Which is, I’m afraid, a very accurate assessment of how I’ll  spend my year.  Although mostly against my will and often countered by reading a book on the living room floor.  Did you know football is on every single day of the week?


We drove home and I crawled into bed around 8PM in my pajamas, started a new episode of “West Wing” and prepared myself to seize the year.  On January 2nd.


There is something about New Year’s that always makes me feel thankful.  Thankful for the good people around me, fresh starts and slight hangovers easily cured with bacon and a good cup of coffee.

I rang in 2013 with people I adore, roommates that– after almost 3 years of shacking up with– feel more like brothers than housemates.  Properly intoxicated, full of good food and wearing a very pretty dress stitched with hot air balloons.  And if Tuesday night was indicative of how I’ll spend my year– well, that’s certainly something I can get behind.


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