Some Things on Thursday

I haven’t quite mastered the balance between spending an entire work day editing dense policy documents and fucking with track changes (because track changes is the worst) and thinking really hard about effect vs. affect (because I may never instinctively know that) and then sitting down at my Mac when I get home to blog.  Because quite frankly, I don’t want to type another word or worry about another comma the second I leave this place at 5PM.

But Roommate B’s girlfriend J (known from here on out as GFJ, because that makes sense),who is also in communications in an industry very similar to my own, and also a sometimes-when-I-feel-like-it blogger, and I have decided to recommit to tend to our little blogs.  And say nice things to each other about the words we successfully get on paper.  So we’ve got that going for us.

I’m afraid I’m going to greatly disappoint GFJ right off the bat though– when I steadfastly refuse to only put one space between sentences.  But I assume that’s something we can work through.


This year has been a start.  My friend’s mother passed away, my uncle passed away, my great-aunt passed away.  One per month in 2013.  While very sad, it’s be a nice reminder that life is always a little sweeter than you think.  And to not sweat the small stuff.  And it’s all kind of small stuff.

In other news, my cousin had a baby girl.  I think she’s #65 if you add up the cousins and the spouses and the great-grand babies.  As my aunts say, we come from a tribe.


I was “snowed in” with Tsunami the dog, who choose to sleep completely under the bed, I assume to protest his owner Bree’s absence. I may walk him and feed him and pet him, but I just don’t quite add up.  Or he agrees with most people I’ve ever shared a bed with that I steal the covers.

Not a single snowflake stuck to the ground in Northeast D.C. yesterday, but work was still called off, so I conference called and responded to emails in my pajamas and didn’t shower until 5PM.  I made an egg scramble with bacon and cheddar cheese and broccoli  for breakfast and silently thanked Bree’s mother for buying her a Keurig coffee machine* for Christmas and finished season three of Downton Abby.


We have a new roommate, Roommate S!  He hails from the great state of Pennsylvania and is a lobbyist and is currently sleeping on an air mattress   And that’s about all I know about him.  But he seems nice and like he’ll fit into the frat house very well.


And that’s about all I have for you this morning.  We’re all doing just fine.  The sun is shining.  I made it to work on time. My hair is just as frizzy as I suspected and my clothes match.  It’s going to be a good day.

*The local coffee shop is closed while new owners take over, the day would have been a disaster without that Keurig.


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