Two Things

My excellent friend and walking/wine on the front porch companion Liza (who most likely made you jealous here) is heading to Borneo on Tuesday to complete project she started working on last year.  The decision to go was very last minute, therefore, she’s got an extra long to do list and is slightly on the overwhelmed side.  

Me: What’d you do today?

Liza: I worked until like 2AM this morning and am starting to freak out because I need international medical insurance and can’t find my cell phone charger converter and have to fit three works of work into 5 days!  What are you up to?

Me: I just cased Ann Taylor Loft and Anthropologie for my summer wardrobe.  We’re both doing our part for society.  I’m stimulating the economy and you’re saving the rain forest.  I’d say that’s a draw.


Also, I just got the following g chat from Barrington–

Barrington: Haha, you blog is blocked at my job now because it is in the web category “pornography.”

Me: Tumbrl is blogged at my job.

Barrington:  Yeah, but it isn’t blocked because it is a blog.  It is blocked because it is “pornography.”

My bad, mom.

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