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10 on Thursday

I feel like I start every post of late asking for forgiveness.  So I should come right out and say it, right?  I suck at this lately.  After spending 8 hours a day deciding between effect/affect (because that– like spelling calendar correctly on the first try– may just be something I never instinctively know) or have a mental debate about whether or not to capitalize “administration” (note: AP Style says no, the bosses say yes), etc. the idea of writing a grocery list seems hard.

But I just paid $26 to keep this little blog alive another year, so at the very least, there’s a tiny bit of hope.  I have no cohesive thoughts today, so it’s a good thing it’s Thursday.  Also please note, I did not attempt to edit this properly.

1.  I was in Colorado Springs last week for our annual General Meeting.  It’s like professional survival of the fittest.  Weeks of prep, lots of tiny tiny details to keep straight (we had two award winners– both named William, with only 1 letter differentiating their last names) and a whole mess of busy work.

Once the meeting actually starts– well, then the ball is in motion.  And that’s a good thing.  As long as you can sustain yourself for 5 days on minimal sleep and buffet trays of bacon, you’re golden.

2.  There are things you should accept about your happiness during a big meeting and it’s that it will be minimal.  That’s not to say that I didn’t have fun and there aren’t pleasurable moments– especially watching what you worked so hard on come together.  But it’s easier to plan for the worst and compensate for everything by eating 12 chocolate croissants over the course of 5 days.  Which is about 11 more than you’ve eaten in the past year.

3.  Another things to accept is that you’re going to be saying a lot that yes– the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs is beautiful, especially the meeting rooms!  I could see Pikes Peak and there were ducks on the tiny man-made lake and it was 80 degrees and sunny.  And I was outside exactly 12.4 minutes of every day, mostly rushing from one building to another.

I also heard the spa is incredibly but I don’t know first hand.  And they have TV in Colorado Springs?  I have no clue.  What I can tell you is there was hot water in the shower and the beds were comfortable.  Oh, and they left chocolates on your pillow, which I hoarded in my purse for when I needed a mid-day sugar kick after 5 hours of sleep.

4.  The meeting did go fan-fucking-tastic.  Seriously.  Members were happy, the bosses were happy, no one cried.  All of the things I was anxious about pre-board meeting went A-OK.  There was a minor meltdown  but as my boss said, “it’s not a meltdown if you and I are the only ones that know about it.”  So problem solved.

I did walk into the mens bathroom during the welcome reception and party.  Sober too!  Note to self: don’t email, walk and search for the bathroom in a strange place.  Thank the heavens above that no one was in there.  I was thrilled about that.  Everyone else was disappointed.

5.  I landed at DC late on Friday night and got a text from my boss saying that she was stuck in Denver and not schedule to arrive at IAD until after 1AM.   I instantly felt anxious, even back safe and sound in DC.  All I could think about was the sleep-deprived-SO-ready-to-be-home epic fucking meltdown I would’ve had if I would have been stuck.

I am almost certain there would have been tears and foot stomping and yelling at a poor unsuspecting gate agent who was 100% not to blame.  I would not have been proud of myself.  The boss really took one for the team there.

6.  I am flying to Minnesota tomorrow.  The idea of standing in line for security and taking off my shoes and boarding a plane sounds like the absolute worst thing ever right now, but I’m excited for some quality Minnesota time.  I’ll be at the cabin if you need me with my momma and Gigi and baby D, now 1 month old and adorable.  I’m going to snuggle that kiddo until my blood pressure returns to pre-pre-board meeting levels.  Like when I was a little bit bored at the office in January levels.  It’s going to be delightful.

7.  There is one rule at the cabin this weekend: one can only wear pants with elastic.  I packed all my leggings, a couple t-shirts, a polar fleece jacket, Toms and my Nook.  That’s all one needs in such a situation.  It’s very funny to be planning a weekend at the cabin with burping and breast feeding and a baby, as last time I was at the cabin with Gigi it was for her bachelorette party.  Which went something like this.  We’re going to pack the life-sized cutout of the now husband in case Baby D gets lonesome for his daddy.

8.  The only real thing I had to accomplish this week was typing up the meeting minutes, which doesn’t sound that hard, right?  Well, it is when your notes for the meeting are utter nonsense and actually include “these notes will make no sense to you next week” and you really really don’t want to do it.  I did absolutely everything I could to not write them, including writing 22 handwritten and completely unnecessary thank you notes.  I think I’m almost finished though.

9.  I’ve just realized that this is mostly work-related, but that’s OK.  The important thing to note is that I haven’t actually fallen off the face of the earth.  Just kind of.  I’m alive, kicking, and doing quite well as a matter of fact.  I’ll be doing better though when I’m not just absolutely exhausted.  I’m certain than I’ll be more witty.  Happy Memorial weekend  y’all.

10.  Song of the week (or maybe month– because that might be how long until I post again):


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