Two things on Wednesday

Why I need a vacation–

Amount of media advisories I sent out last week without a time for the teleconference: 1
Amount of media advisories I sent out last week with a combination of my personal and professional email address for RSVP: 1 
Amount I overpaid my rent check, because math: $100
Amount of emails I sent to one R. Willis, reporter, as opposed to one R. Wills, co-worker, with internal documents: 1

Phone call with my grandmother–

Me: I’ve got good news!
Grandma: You’re finally engaged!
Me: Um, no.  But I am coming to visit. 
Grandma: Oh, that’s good too.

She use to tell me–often– that she was never going to be alive long enough to see me get married and have kids.  I kindly told her that I spent $100K on my college education and it’d like to use it, thank you.  I’m going to have a career and shit first and then I’ll think about giving you great-grandchildren.

So then she started telling everyone, including my cousins that joined the military after high school, never went to college and had kids in their very early 20’s that “Rachel’s going to wait to have kids.  She’s going to have a career.  She’s going to be smart.”

Thanks, gram.  Helping me to win the hearts and minds, as per usual.


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August 7, 2013 · 9:07 am

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