Conversations with strangers

While waiting for a stop in play to go back to our seats at the Caps game last night–

Strange Girl #1 to me: You look like that actress.
Me: The one from “Orange is the New Black?”  I know.
Strange Girl #1: The one from “American Pie.”
Me: Yeah, Natasha something-or-other.  She always plays slutty girls.
Strange Girl #2: Well, you don’t look like a slut.  
Strange Girl #1: Yeah, no slut vibe.  I mean, unless you wanted to give off a slut vibe.  I bet you could.
Me: Thanks.

While walking past a whole lot of high schoolers last night–

Me: Excuse me.
High School Student #1: Let this cracker get by!
Me: Did you really just call me a cracker?
High School Student #2 to #1: That was rude!  How would you feel if she called you a [insert incredibly racist word here]? 
High School Student #3: I’m sorry, he’s drunk.
Me: Carry on.  

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February 7, 2014 · 9:13 am

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