A Life Update of Sorts

I just got a notice that I either had to pay WordPress $26 to renew this here blog or allow it to vanish into the universe.  And while the vanishing seemed like an interesting choice – I have a much better grasp of correct punctuation usage these days – I decided to cough up the dough.  For posterity’s sake if nothing else.

So here are some things lately:

I finished another semester of grad school and am still rocking a 4.0.  It was seriously touch and go for a while.  At the midterm, one of my professors told me I was an “A student turning in B+ work.”  To which I responded, “Yep.”

Classes started again last night, so I bought a ticket to Minnesota the week of the 4th of July to console myself.  Five whole days at the cabin to sauna, read books on the dock, sit around a fire and allow my mother the pleasure of cooking my every meal.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?


I met a boy – R!  He’s very lovely and tall and nice and drives the tiniest two-door car that is practically impossible to throw yourself out of if he is parked on a hill.  He has assured me I can keep my Tinder app to help me muscle through staff meetings and also cooks me dinner.  And being that he just moved to D.C. less than a year ago and still isn’t very familiar with the city, I always get to be the boss when it comes to activities.  And I like being the boss.

R lives in Clarendon, Virginia – which means that A) I’ve been on a date with every single, straight man over 5’10” in D.C. proper and had to search elsewhere or B) I must really like him, as I am a firm believer that there is no reason ever to cross the river.  His close proximity to Trader Joe’s, as well as his central air and rooftop pool, has helped sway me into thinking maybe Clarendon isn’t the worst place on the earth.  Only maybe though.


We survived our annual gigantic meeting of misery earlier this month.  I was still so exhausted the night after I got home that I started to cry because I had to wait seven whole minutes for a train.  I continued to cry: for the duration of my train ride to R’s house, which is 14 whole metro stops, thoroughly freaking out some tourists; with my head on R’s kitchen counter while he kindly encouraged me to drink some water; and laying in R’s bed while he gently rubbed my back and probably wondered what in the fuck was going on.  (Nothing was going on, I was just so tired.)  And then I fell asleep.

It was one of my most embarrassing hours.  So obviously, I told everyone.  Sometimes you just got to cry it the fuck out, you know?


I guess that about sums it up!  How y’all been doing?


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